West Coast Extreme Adventure Motorcycle Tour

The West Coast Extreme tour covers a variety of terrain and allows you to get close to the rugged beauty of the Cape West Coast and Namakwaland.

The region offers coastal and desert scenery, a variety of terrain to conquer as well as iconic West Coast humour and hospitality.

Journey with us off the beaten track to a place of endless skies and a feeling of absolute freedom - what locals call the "Deep West Coast". Enjoy no power, cell phone signal, internet or tv - just nature in abundance at Groenriviermond near Garies.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Area in 2007 the Richtersveld cultural and botanical landscape consists of 160 000 hectares of dramatic mountainous desert in North Western South Africa uniquely owned and managed by the Nama community, descendants of the Khoi-Khoi people. It is a land of extreme temperatures characterised by harsh, dry landscapes. Despite its climate, the Richtersveld hosts an astonishing variety of plant, bird and animal life (much of which is endemic). When you travel into the Richtersveld you will have the persistent feeling of being far from anything familiar, but we can guarantee that you will want to return here again and again.

Terrain on routes ranges from thick sand to rocky inclines and declines, paired with stunning landscapes only to be found in this part of the world.

Highlights include a visit to Pella, an oasis in the Namakwa semi-desert and Klein Pella, home to the largest date farm in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tour start dates

This tour is recommended during the milder autumn and spring months. The tour follows the Richtersveld, known for its extreme temperatures in summer. Tour dates for the West Coast Extreme tour start from April to September.


Day 1

Transfer from Cape Town International Airport to Langebaan. Riders briefing and dinner. Overnight at Calypso Towers Guest House in Langebaan.

Day 2

Langebaan to Groenriviersmond (Enduro bike). Depart towards the Groenriviermond via sandy coastal road. Overnight at Groenriviermond Guest Farm.

Distance covered: 388 km

Day 3

Groenriviermond to Springbok (Enduro bike). Ride towards Springbok via the Namaqua Coast National Park. Overnight at Springbok Lodge in Springbok.

Distance covered: 191 km

Day 4

Springbok to Vioolsdrift (Enduro bike). Ride towards Oewerbos via Richtersveld farm roads. Overnight at Oewerbos near Vioolsdrift.

Distance covered: 147 km

Day 5

Loop through Richtersveld (Enduro bike). Ride through Richtersveld World Heritage Site. Overnight at Oewerbos.

Distance covered: 104 km

Day 6

Vioolsdrift to Pella (Enduro bike). Ride towards Pella eastwards along the Orange River and border of Namibia. Overnight at Klein Pella, the biggest date farm in the Southern Hemisphere.

Distance covered: 212 km

Day 7

Pella to Agama (Enduro bike). Overnight at Agama Tented Camp near Garies.

Distance covered: 282 km

Day 8

Agama to Langebaan (Enduro bike). We make our way back to Langebaan. Overnight at Calypso Towers Guesthouse in Langebaan.

Distance covered: 420 km

Day 9

Depart. Breakfast in Langebaan. Transfer to Cape Town International Airport.

What's included in your tour price?

We've gone to great lengths to ensure that you are properly taken care of both on the road and at the end of the day.


Transport to and from Cape Town International Airport

Accommodation and all meals

Backup Vehicle

Hydration & Beverages


Flight Tickets or any other transport to get to Cape Town International Airport

Medical Insurance

Alcoholic and non-Alcoholic Beverages

Activities not included in the itinerary


The West Coast Extreme takes you through the sandy coastal route adjacent to the West Coast. You’ll get to experience several highlights that only the West Coast has to offer. We ride through the Namaqualand district, cover the West Coast coastal route, and spend a day exploring the Richtersveld.

Other highlights include Pella and Klein Pella, home to one of the biggest date farms in the southern hemisphere.



The accommodation for the tour is pre-booked by Ride Out Africa. Depending on the location, accommodation will be hosted by Guest Houses, Hotels, Guest Farms and Game Reserves. All these establishments were tried and tested by our team beforehand and were hand-picked as selected accommodation. We will try to accommodate every rider with their own private lodgings but in some cases, riders may have to share a room.

Breakfasts and dinners will be included and prepared by accommodation hosts. You can expect a taste of traditional South African cuisine paired with true South African hospitality. Depending on the location, lunches will be on the road, served by the team, or served at a local eatery.

Oewerbos River Camp
Klein Pella
Agama Tented Camp


Due to the diverse climate in Southern Africa and the vast areas covered on our tours, we recommend that riders bring along Dual Sport riding gear as opposed to Road Bike gear.

Functional riding gear determines how warm, dry and safe you will be.

Essential gear:

  • Riding boots
  • Helmet
  • Neck brace (optional)
  • Riding jacket
  • Riding pants
  • Wet gear
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for evenings
  • Toiletries, sunblock, mosquito repellent and personal medication

Our team have planned, mapped, tried and tested each of our tours. You can rest assured that you will be in the best of hands and can expect nothing but unforgettable memories when you join us on one of these unique adventure tours.

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  • Price:
    Contact us for pricing

  • Duration:
    9 days, 8 nights

  • Distance:
    1084 miles / 1744 km

  • Terrain:
    10% tar, 90% gravel, thick sand, rocky inclines and steep declines

  • Malaria:
    Malaria free area

  • Group size:
    6 riders