Become part of the Ride Out Africa family. Our training grounds are open for all bike brands, any age group and gender. We cater for your unique individual skills and styles, shaping the training around your needs.

Harvesting your taste of adventure and nurturing your unique abilities, we encourage your unique riding style. We will transform you into a well-balanced, capable, confident and fearless rider. We focus on developing your individual skill set, enabling you to be in full control whilst behind the handle bars.

Aspects covered during training:

  • General safety, protective gear and bike maintenance
  • Discussion on tires & tire pressures
  • Body positioning and balancing on the bike
  • Picking up your bike
  • Clutch & throttle control
  • Cornering off-road
  • Tight turns, U-Turns and Camber Turns
  • Emergency braking
  • Negotiating ruts
  • Uphill and downhill riding
  • Brake & power slides
  • Uphill recovery
  • Riding with confidence in harsh terrain such as deep sand, rocky ground, steep loose ascents and descents, water crossings, etc.

Our training is aimed at providing clients with in-depth knowledge of techniques and skills by sharing our combined years of experience with you.


This course is aimed at teaching the basic skills required to become an adventure rider. Learn how to take your bike off-road and discover the magic. This day course is held at The Pot and includes lunch. Here you will learn to ride confidently by applying the correct skill and technique on gravel and irregular terrain.

Basic Requirements:

Rider must be able to ride a bike, minimum of 3 months riding experience on tarmac or gravel.

R 1200

The jump from beginner to intermediate riding skills is huge, this day course is designed to close this gap. We will prepare and give you a taste for what awaits you in the Intermediate course. Rocks, sand, tight turns and much more will be part of your exposure.

Venue: Louvain Guest Farm, includes lunch.

R 1300

This is where the real fun begins, learning and conquering all different aspects off true adventure riding. Deep sand, rocks, water, camber turns, steep up and downhills and holes are just some of the terrain you will learn to negotiate proficiently on your dual bike.

This course takes place over 3 days at Louvain Guest Farm and Jacobsdal Farm, accommodation and food are included.

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Becoming a pro, here we will fine tune your skill to become the best possible rider you can be. This course is aimed at the rider looking for more adventure on challenging technical terrain pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. This course will expose you to the advance techniques and skills used by professional riders.

This course takes place over 3 days at Louvain Guest Farm, Jacobsdal and our special deep sand venue.

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Want to improve your sand riding skills, this course is for you. Here we will teach you to overcome your fear of riding on sand and to enjoy it. This course takes place over 2 days at our special deep sand venue. Become a Sand Master!

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One-on-one training is available if you prefer a personal touch to attention catering to your individual riding style.

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