Take a ride with us on some of the less-travelled roads in Southern Africa. You'll get to discover and experience some of the continent's breath-taking landscapes while challenging your skill and technique on different terrain. Our adventure tours cover a large area of Southern Africa, stretching from the Eastern Cape, to the border of Namibia.

Whether you want to go on a shorter adventure tour that covers the outskirts of the mystical Garden Route, or a week-long excursion, our adventure tours cater for every type of rider and adventurer out there. All the adventure tours also offer a wide variety of terrain, making our offering as diverse as it is unique.


We offer pre-tour training to sharpen your skills and ensure that you are capable of handling the expected terrain on the respective tour. Pre-tour training is not aimed at beginner riders but intended to sharpen riding skills while teaching pro techniques on how to ride on different types of terrain.

Our team have planned, mapped, tried and tested each of our adventure tours. You can rest assured that you will be in the best of hands and can expect nothing but unforgettable memories when you join us on one of these unique adventure tours.