Meet the team

Nico and Willie grew up together on farms in the Langkloof valley. These two brothers establishing Ride Out Africa was the natural next step in cementing their love for the great outdoors and exploration.

Nico Bester

Nico BesterThe Master Guide

Nico received and rode his first motorcycle at the age of 7.

At 25 he started a hospitality business on the family farm which included motorcycle enduro courses, a guest house and 4x4 routes.

In 2007 he initiated a training course for Honda and travelled extensively over the country to train new owners of Honda Dual Sport and Enduro motorcycles. During this time Nico was involved in the filming of the Old Mutual 'World of Endurance' series for television, driving camera crew on his motorcycle across rugged terrain. Since then he has been in demand as a camera crew member for various prestigious MTB events like the Cape Epic and Cape Pioneer Trek.

Chris Meyer

Chris MeyerThe Trophy Collector

Chris Meyer joins the Ride Out Africa team as an expert rider with a string of riding trophies. Chris started out as a professional quad racer in 2000. He completed several national races including Roof of Africa, Tusk 400, Caledon 400, and the Red Cherry 400.

He entered the GS Trophy Challenge for the first time in 2015 when he and his teammates won the Regional South African GS Trophy Championship. In August 2018 he represented South Africa in Mongolia at the GS Trophy International. His team brought the prestigious trophy back to South Africa.