Venture further off the beaten trackWelcome to Ride Out Africa

Come and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and adventure routes of Southern Africa with us.

Ride Out Africa is an adventure motorcycle touring company offering the ultimate riding experience through Southern Africa. We've scoured the lesser-known, often unexplored dirt roads to create travel itineraries that promise to deliver exceptional quality and unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Our TWO BIKE combo adventure

Our designated adventure routes vary from easy farm roads to technical 4x4 routes. With our unique TWO BIKE combo, you will be able to experience the best of both worlds on the perfect motorcycle for the terrain.

Honda Africa Twin

The perfect motorcycle for sections of the route that include tar roads and good gravel tracks, a Honda Africa Twin DCT 1000cc. These roads are more suited to a large, comfortable automatic motorcycle like the Africa Twin. It features a 4-stroke 1000cc parallel twin engine, making it perfect for the less technical terrain on our adventure tours.

Honda XR650L

For the more technical sections including soft sand, single track and 4x4 routes, you will be provided with the smaller, lighter Honda XR650L. Due to its light frame and power, the Honda XR650L is the perfect companion for traversing soft sand, gravel and rocky terrain.

Explore our routes

Our team have planned, mapped, tried and tested each of our adventure tours. You can rest assured that you will be in the best of hands and can expect nothing but unforgettable memories when you join us on one of these unique adventure tours.

Take a ride with us on some of the less-travelled roads in Southern Africa. You'll get to discover and experience some of the continent's breath-taking landscapes while challenging your skill and technique on different terrain. Our adventure tours cover a big area of Southern Africa, stretching from the Eastern Cape, to the border of Namibia.

Whether you want to go on a shorter adventure tour that covers the outskirts of the mystical Garden Route, or a week-long excursion, our adventure tours cater for every type of rider and adventurer out there. All the adventure tours also offer a wide variety of terrain, making our offering as diverse as it is unique.

Training days

Ride Out Africa offers professional intermediate to advanced training courses. We focus on key aspects to improve your motorcycle riding ability on irregular terrain.

Training is not aimed at beginner motorcycle riders but rather designed to sharpen riding skills while teaching pro techniques preparing you for riding on different types of terrain.

Our intensive training course takes place at Jacobsdal Farm over the course of four days. We demonstrate and describe each technique in detail before trainees engage in the activity themselves.